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.intro -- Introduction to the site
.structure -- Structure of the DNS
.conflicts -- Domain battles
.tips -- Hints and tips
.hall -- Halls of fame and shame

a site -- by Dan Tobias

Why is this site here, and what's it all about? Your questions are answered here!

Learn how domain names are structured, and the uses and misuses thereof.
NEW: The third, and potentially largest, round of new TLDs gets underway in 2010!

Accounts of some of the fights that have broken out over domains, and how to fight back if yours gets challenged.
Can you fight a challenge? Yes, ICANN!

Some hints and tips regarding domains, which didn't fit in the other sections.

Halls of Fame & Shame:
Giving commemoration or notoriety to those who use or abuse the domain name system in an exemplary or horrific way. -- free subdomain address for your protest or criticism site, if you can convince me you deserve it...



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